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Offroad Racing Country Wide

offroad racingIf you love off road racing, there are plenty of events around the country you can travel too. Not just in the state of texas, all you have to do is look up different sites and blogs in whatever city and state you would like to travel too.

I went to an even in omaha nebraska recently, and the racing was super competitive, all the bikers were skilled and hungry to compete. I was front and center to all the different races going on throughout the weekend, (the event last for 3 days fri-sun).

The track was one of the most difficult to navigate as well, i many wipe outs! The reason why got to go was my uncle who lives in nebraska owns a huge residential and commercial dumpster rental business in omaha, he was hired to provide huge dumpsters for cleanup services after during and after the event was over. So they gave him some complementary passes, and i just so happened to be visiting that weekend and had a great time. Cant wait for the company who sponsored this event, to do one in texas.